Petroprocess is offering wide range of solutions, equipment and services for metallurgy, iron and steel. From ore treatment and ore enrichment, where fluid handling is demanding specific pumps and valves, via furnaces, up to off-gas processing. Plants in these industries are requiring numerous process analyzers for purpose of efficiency, quality and safety, up to the continuous emission monitoring systems on the stack. We are at disposal from engineering design, system integration, delivery, commissioning and start-up to the service support, maintenance and calibration of equipment.

For advanced control of the process inside furnaces, on sinter plant as well, we are offering video-thermography system for visualization and thermal analysis of combustion and high temperature processes. Using these systems is possible to monitor process and to determine temperature distribution.

Process analyzers we can provide for following measuring tasks:

  • Coke furnace - process optimization, safety
  • Sinter plant - process optimization, oxygen leakage monitoring
  • Blast furnace - Transverse probe, blast furnace optimization; riser tube; top gas dirty, top gas clean; copper waste gas; cold blast
  • Storage (HMDS)- Calcium carbide silo, Mg silo – safety monitoring
  • Oxygen furnace – Converter off-gas, process control and safety; ESP or flare- safety
  • Electric arc furnace – EAF off-gas monitoring, process control and safety
  • Stack – CEMS/AMS
  • Hot strip mill, steel rolling – Monitoring of combustion process and CEMS/AMS

For utilities and power house we are at disposal for:

  • Process analyzer systems and CEMS/AMS
  • Steam and water analyzer systems, water treatment plant analyzers
  • Moisture content analyzers
  • Pumps, control valves, safety relief valves
  • Tank inventory system, tank and loading equipment